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Vehicle Upfitting Services

Make Your Emergency Vehicles Better

They say you should work smarter, not harder. When it comes to saving lifes, you want to provide the speediest response time you can. If your emergency vehicles aren't customized to make you the most efficient at what you do, contact Response Equipment Specialists. We specialize in emergency vehicle uplifting. We uplift ambulances, police cars, firetrucks, and other EMS vehicles to help you in your mission to help others.

Whether it's easier access to life saving equipment or the installation of communication equipment that gets you where you're needed, you can count on Response Equipment Specialists.

We have a full fabrication shop to meet all your needs.

We can do custom vehicle upfits as well as also perform DOT inspections.

We serve Kalispell, MT, Whitefish, MT, Columbia Falls, MT, and surrounding areas.

Upfitted Truck
Upfitted Truck 2
Upfitted Truck 3
Upfitted Truck 4
Upfitted Truck 5
Upfitted Truck 6
Upfitted Truck 7
Upfitted Truck 8
Upfitted Truck 9
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